Power Reclining Switch

We recently learned that a component in the switch that controls the movement of the furniture can overheat under certain circumstances. When it does become overheated, it can pose a risk of fire or smoke. We ask you to unplug your power chair, sofa, or sectional until we can arrange to send you a free replacement switch to install on your reclining furniture.
Two types of switches were delivered to customers in this time period. It is possible that your furniture is unaffected by this switch recall. The affected switch is rectangular in shape. Please see the two pictures below to verify which type of switch you have. If your switch is rectangular your switch unit is being recalled and you must obtain a replacement switch before plugging your furniture back in. If your switch is oval, you are NOT affected. You can plug in your furniture and continue to use it.
In order to determine if your rectangular switch is subject to this recall;
  1. Look at the label(s) under the footrest(s) of your Franklin power reclining furniture to locate the Style number(s) and/or Basic Change (BC) number(s) if applicable along with the ship period.
  2. Input the Switch Shape, Style(s), BC Code(s), Ship Period and the Quantity of switches below and click on Check Recall Status. If no BC Code is provided enter NA. Note: Depending on the style of furniture, you may need multiple switches per style.
  3. After entering your power switch information, you will be advised if your power switch is part of the recall. If your product is recalled please click Continue where you will be asked to enter your contact information.
  4. If your power switch is not part of the recall, you can plug in your furniture and continue to use it. No further action on your part is required.
  5. Once you have submitted your contact information, you will be provided with next step instructions. Below is short video on how to replace your switch for reference.
If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Franklin customer service representatives at 866-551-2706.
Please enter your product information for up to 4 times. *If no BC Code is provided enter NA.*
Power Reclining Switch
What shape is the switch?
BC Code
Ship Period (mm/dd/yy)
Switch Quantity

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